6 cryptocurrencies you can trade anywhere

It is not a secret that some cryptocoins are more popular and valueable than others. In the past years some currencies have made it to the top. Their values got high, their difficulties, if they can be mined, as well. We sum up the most relevant cryptocurrencies that are supported on almost any platform.


The original and very first cryptocurrency is of course still the number one when it comes to support on trading platforms. Due to its market capitalization Bitcoin is always on top when looking at cryptocurrency charts.


Rumours have told that Ethereum will get big a long time before this actually happened. Well, they have been true. Vitalik Buterin, a Canadian computer scientist and the creator of Ethereum became one of the richest persons alive.


Ripple had its dissensions with Stellar Lumens but managed to end as the more valueable cryptocurrency. Lots of banks and institutions already invested in the technology behind Ripple which highlights the fact that XRP can be traded on almost any crypto platform.


Although the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, already sold lamost all of his coins, the idea of Litecoin did not die at all. In fact Litecoin has one of the highest market capitalizations worldwide and is a serious cryptocurrency for lots of possible applications.

Bitcoin Cash

After the original currency Bitcoin went through a hard fork on August 1 in 2017, Bitcoin Cash was born. Bitcoin Cash developed good since then and became the most popular forked Bitcoin alternative.


Although there are rumours that DASH is not as safe as investors thought it is the popularity of this cryptocurrency is unstoppable. When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, DASH is almost always an option to choose.

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