Crytek starts ICO of Crycash cryptocurrency

Crytek announces its new cryptocurrency named Crytek as an independent ecosystem of custom-tailored products allowing gamers to monetize their game time and developers. That might be an interesting coin – as Crytek themselves already said – for gamers on the one hand but also developers on the other hand.

The Frankfurt based games developer Crytek announced some time ago, that the cryptocurrency Crycash will be launched soon. On December 12th the ICO of Crycash will officially start. Crycash coins will be offered from then on and can be bought with an extra bonus at the beginning. Crytek would like to expand their gaming empire and establish this cryptocoin for their ecosystem. This might be interesting for both gamers and developers. In game currencies can be changed to a cryptocurrency system. Crytek is the biggtest developing studio so far that is planning a full cryptocurrency ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of the Plink application by Crytek. This app allows people to trade Crycash coins easily. Also the Cryengine Marketplace, the whole advertising platform and the CyberSport platform will be part of this Crycash ecosystem.

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